Perfect High Priest

I've been away from my blog for awhile because of my nagging pain. It has been getting worse this last month and it has been hard to think, let alone write. It has changed a bit. My pain that is usually throbbing and pulling is now that plus feels like a hot poker is poked through my eye and down through my nose. Anyway, I have a hard time concentrating or reading during times like this but now that the pain has lifted slightly, thanks be to God, I've been reading about Jesus as our High Priest and what that means for us...

There is so much to learn from Jesus. Unlike the High priests of the Old Testament who had to go year after year to the Temple to atone for the sins of the people and themselves, Jesus is perfect! He didn't sin, yet He, only once, on the Cross, atoned for the sins of His people. He now intercedes for us as a mediator between God and us.

Just that fact alone should blow your mind! We could never approach God like we are, but Jesus is there, with God, interceding our prayers to the Father on our behalf. What is so amazing is that Jesus went through every pain and struggle, temptation and family problems we have, and YET was without sin. He is our Perfect High Priest, loving His people and talking to the Father for us!

This should change how we pray!! When we go through painful issues we may feel as if NO ONE understands! But there is Jesus, beckoning us to come, draw near to Him, talk with Him so He can then bring our requests to the Father. How deep is His love for us, His children. May you draw strength and peace from this today.


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