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So I'm sure you, like the rest of us, have put up a few Fall items in your house, even if it is hard. There's something about Fall that makes me want to curl up in my favorite chair with my comfy blanket and a great book! Today, though, as I was lounging in my favorite chair this decoration was staring at me straight in the eye.

Give Thanks to The Lord!

           And it made me stop in my tracks, realizing I had been grumbling all day about how I never get a break from pain (you too?). Why does this decoration have to be staring at me? Today I don't FEEL like being thankful. I FEEL like crying, wishing THIS wasn't my life anymore. 

                                 Oh, How It's Easy To Wallow

            Bitter feelings, deep down begin to surface and I begin thinking of all the ways I'm not thankful. This is the ugly side of chronic pain. The side that just can't focus on BEING thankful. How do I do that right now? How do I help others do that right now, in the midst of terrible pain?

We Get Our Eyes Off Of Ourselves 

           This isn't easy. Our flesh wants to keep the focus on ME-ME-ME...
But God, (I love those two words) has a much bigger PLAN. You see, the pain we struggle with is there to teach us more about Jesus, to draw us nearer to the Father, and remind us to give thanks! There is OH so much to be THANKFUL for. 

I Urge You To Read 2 Corinthians 4:6-18

           Oh what a blessing it would be if I would REMEMBER these verses

God has given us THIS pain to show the world His grace--I can't do this THING called pain by myself. I need Him-and so do many others-(Be thankful!)
God has saved us (Be thankful!).  
All glory and power is in the Lord's hands (Be thankful!).
We are in pain, but it's momentary (Be thankful!).
We are not forsaken by our God (Be thankful!).
This pain is preparing us for an eternal glory we can't comprehend (Be thankful!).
One day...we will be in the presence of the Lord (Be thankful!).
So what do we do?

We Give Thanks To Our Most Gracious Lord


To those who don't believe and trust in Jesus as their Savior:
You are separated from God by your sin and do not have this hope to look forward to. I urge you, beg you, to sek forgiveness from the Lord, repent from your sinful ways, and turn to Christ. Then, He will save you and you will have an eternal inheritance waiting for you-free from pain, free to love the Lord, and free from sin.

Roots Down Deep

My hope in Christ is stronger today than ever before. It makes no sense to the world around us, but the hope we have in Christ is as strong as a tree next to the water with our roots down deep. Nothing will make us waiver. We are held strong IN Christ. HE is the one who makes us strong.

When we cry out WHY Lord...
We long for eternity. We long for the future promised to us through Christ. It keeps me focused on the Lord, especially in my pain.

How about you? Are your roots down deep, IN Christ?
If you are satisfied in this world, your roots are not deep.
But if you love the Lord,
if you long for Heaven,
if you trust in His will
THEN you can say with me today, "God is my hope, and my HOPE is sure!"

Jeremiah 17:8
"He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.”



I am loved with everlasting love,
clothed in eternal righteousness,
my peace flowing like a river,
my comforts many and large,
my joy and triumph unutterable,
my soul lively with a knowledge of salvation,
my sense of justification unclouded.
I have scarce anything to pray for;
Jesus smiles upon my soul as a ray of heaven
and my supplications are swallowed up in praise.
How sweet is the glorious doctrine of election
when based upon thy Word
and wrought inwardly within the soul!
I bless thee that thou wilt keep the sinner
thou hast loved,
and hast engaged that he will not forsake thee,
else I would never get to heaven.
I wrong the work of grace in my heart
if I deny my new nature and my eternal life.
If Jesus were not my righteousness and redemption,
I would sink into nethermost hell
by my misdoings, shortcomings, unbelief, unlove;
If Jesus were not by the power of his Spirit
my sanctification,
there is no sin I should not commit.
O when shall I have his mind!
when shall I be conformed to his image?
All the good things of life are less than nothing
when compared with his love,
and with one glimpse of thy electing favour.
All the treasures of a million worlds could not
make me richer, happier, more contented,
for his unsearchable riches are mine.
One moment of communion with him, one view
of his grace,
is ineffable, inestimable.
But O God, I could not long after thy presence
if I did not know the sweetness of it;
And such I could not know except by thy Spirit
in my heart, nor love thee at all unless thou didst
elect me,
call me,
adopt me,
save me.
I bless thee for the covenant of grace.


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Please let me know what you think of my book by leaving a review on Amazon. I pray it blesses you and through your pain you are glorifying the Lord and trusting Him more!
God bless you!

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