My face pain started in 2006, a few months after I had my daughter Ellie. For six months I thought I was having a toothache, and it got worse and worse. After two root canals, and lots of prodding and probing, the dentist felt I needed to see a neurologist. A few months later the pain was starting to feel like a rapid current of electricity running through my mouth! After the 12th doctor I found one who said I had trigeminal neuralgia(suicide disease). He said I needed a craniotomy (basically opening up my head and finding the problem.) I had this done and was no better off. I had it done again as the second doctor thought the first doctor messed it up. Again, no success. I have now seen 28 doctors. My pain is constant, and I have many intense bursts of pain that occur throughout the day. It is hard to live with chronic pain that no one else can see.
            I came to a place one day where I was fed up with my pain because I felt like I could not take control of it. Rather, my pain was controlling my life. Have you been there? I began searching for answers. I found a lot of people going through the same thing I was. Most of them said they were trying to rely on God, or they were just trying to deal with it. I didn’t feel like I really knew how to do it, how to really live with pain.
            Today I have learned so much about God’s plans for my life, and though I have learned many lessons through my nine years of pain, I have not perfected the art of suffering well. I do know that God has given me this story to share with you, a story of hope and a story of love through Christ. I hope that my experiences on the pages in this book can help you in your bout of pain. I pray you see more clearly who God has made you to be and how to get through the day-to-day trials that pain brings.
             I also hope you will be able to see God’s plan for your life with pain more clearly, and learn how to change your mind-set concerning your pain. I do not believe this book will cure you of all that ails you. However, I do believe it can change your focus, so you can better see God and others through your pain.
            God’s Word is central to this book. “All scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”(2 Timothy 3:16, NIV).[1] My desire is that as you read this, God’s Word will not return void (Isaiah 55:11). May God be with you and bless you!

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[1] All Scripture quotations are taken from the New International Version unless otherwise noted, Zondervan, NIV Study Bible (Zondervan, 2011).

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