Take a number!

Do you ever think about your pain and your prayers as something that isn't as bad as so-and-so's pain or problems so you shouldn't be bothering God...

He has MUCH more important things to think about than Friday afternoon at 3 pm in your household where you are in pain and you think to yourself, "I don't need to pray. I'm bothering the Lord. I mean there was just a huge earthquake in Japan, or my neighbor is dying, or a pastor is in jail for sharing the Lord."

God has sooo much going on.

My prayers are insignificant.

My pain is insignificant.

Although in your mind it is miserable what you are going through, you still feel as if you don't deserve the attention of the Lord God, Creator of the universe, as if He stopped being the lover of your heart!

God most frequent command in the Bible is...

Do. Not. Fear.

This may seem way off in left field but trust me, it ties in completely with our prayer life.
God reminds His people, His children, that they have no need to fear because He is in control.

When I say, "Don't fear." to my child I am trying to reassure them that it's ok.
But completely different is when God says, "Do not be afraid," and then says, "MY peace I give to you." John 14:27

Why? He is sovereign over everything that happens to you!

So we can truly know it will be ok! It's in His hands and He has us.
Because He hears us and knows us soooooo well, He tells us constantly not to fear.

He speaks to the DETAILS of your LIFE. He KNOWS you so WELL and LOVES you so MUCH!

So bring your pain, your frustration, your suffering, your fear before our Almighty Lord and see Him work!

See Him bring you peace that surpasses your understanding.

See Him draw you close to Him during your pain.

See Him give you compassion for others.

He doesn't hear your prayer....compare it to others...and then hand out a number based on which is more important.

He is for you!
His love for you is an everlasting love.
Turn that around and give Him praise! He is worthy of our worship!

Oh and P.S.
Say a prayer for others too who have pain, who have lost someone, who are discouraged, who you don't even know halfway around the world being persecuted for Christ!

Thank you God that you care about our deepest needs!
Help us not to fear, but to bring you our burdens and leave them there at the cross. You are so good to us, your bride. Help us in our unbelief. 


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