Exerpt from Don't Waste Your Pain...

More Questions

       I often think of why God has not healed me. I know He is more than capable. I know He loves me. I wonder if you have felt the same. It can be a lonely place. Once I got a firm grip on the overarching idea behind His story (the Bible), I realized a few things. First, if things were given to us by God to make our lives easy, it wouldn't make sense. If you read through the Gospels, you will see that Jesus is all about working things out that are impossible to human understanding. If we can accomplish hardship easily, then we get the glory! Think how many times you have said,"That was not as hard as I thought." I know I have. Do we then turn around and say,"Thanks be to Jesus for helping me through this not-so-hard thing I am going through?" No.
        Should Christians be exempt from hardships or despair or cancer or strokes? Believe me, I would like to not go through this horrific pain, but for the sake of the cross I do. For I know that God wills in and through me to do amazing things. He takes this hardship, or your cancer, to radiate Christ to the world, if you let Him. 


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