Yes, God has called you to the life you are living, where you are, what is happening in your life...for His purpose! Don't believe the enemy...He wants you to think this pain is a curse from God, that you were meant to be happy and healthy. He wants you to blame God. This life is not all that there is . This life is where we can shine forth Christ to a dying world that has no hope. You are called to share Christ with those around you because that may be the only hope they have. Think about what you can do today to shine forth the Gospel and  the saving love of Christ to those around you. If you can't get out of bed today-PRAY! Satan can't take that away from you. God is with you in your pain. He has a purpose in your pain and others around you are watching your life. What will you do today to show that you are not giving up and wasting your pain?


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