Snippet from my book!

             The journey of pain is very interesting. If you have had chronic pain for very long, then you know the feelings of isolation, despair, and sadness. But if we allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in us, we will get to experience a purpose that is beyond our pain. If we want to be pain free so we can truly be the Church to those that are poor, unloved, and imprisoned, and if we want to have zero pain so we can share the Gospel as much as we can, then I think our motives are pure and of the Lord.

             But if we are praying earnestly for no pain so that we can have our old life of comfort and ease, and have all the "blessings" that it brings (and I use blessings loosely), then we need to check our motives. We need to be living for Christ and His glory, and not our own. This life is too short. Although, to people who are in pain daily, it can seem like forever. We need to know that we are going to spend forever without pain, worshipping God-Hallelujah! So each day can be a new way in your pain to serve God.


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