Which one are you?

Most of us know the parable of the Sower from Luke 8:5-15. These verses are some of the most poignant words of Christ. They describe every person in this world.
  1. the first type of person rejects the Gospel. The seed (the Word of God) is thrown on a rocky path and Satan comes and takes away the word from their hearts so they may not believe and be saved.
  2. the second type of person receive the Word with joy at first, but when pain and suffering come to test them they cannot endure. It is so difficult when pain comes into our lives. We may have started out with joy and thankfulness to God but as soon as our health, marriage, children, things are taken from us we do not keep on rejoicing. Rather we might blame God and our joy now is nothing more than a distant memory. Friend, I hope your joy is not set in things on this earth where "moth and rust destroy"  (Matt 6:19) rather on things in Heaven!
  3. the third type of person is choked by pleasures and prosperity (almost the antithesis of #2) and these people can not mature into true faith in Christ because their mind is so consumed with this world.
  4. The fourth type of person hears the Word and retains it. I pray this is where you are and hopefully your pain in not a stumbling block for you but a testimony to God's goodness. God tests us and refines as as gold (Job 23:10).      


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