Never borrow sorrow from tomorrow

Deal only with the present,
Never step into tomorrow,
For God asks us just to trust Him
And to never borrow sorrow -

For the future is not ours to know
And it my never be,
So let us live and give our best
And give it lavishly -

For to meet tomorrow's troubles
Before they are even ours
Is to anticipate the Savior
And to doubt His all-wise powers -

So let us be content to solve
Our problems one by one,
Asking nothing of tomorrow
Except "Thy Will Be Done."

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

Dealing only with today is so hard for people who have chronic pain. The day may seem to drag on and on and it may feel like forever, while the rest of the world seems to happily race by us. God does ask us to trust Him just for today. Just like the Israelites in Exodus 16. When the Israelites had been in the desert two months after escaping Pharaoh, like us, they were beginning to get anxious. They longed for the days in captivity where they got great food...They began to whine to God and out of His great grace He gave them manna but just for that one day. In the same way, God gives us the grace to deal with our pain just for today. He wants our trust for today and not to worry about tomorrow. Total reliance on God means we don't doubt that God is always faithful. He will always give us what we need.

 Tomorrow will have worries of their own, but for today I am finding satisfaction in Him and Him alone. 


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