Does God care if I am suffering? Why won’t He stop my pain? I’m not a bad person, so I don’t understand why God would allow me to suffer? How can you even say God is good when there is suffering in the world? These questions always disturbed me. I could not grasp the concept that an all-loving God would exist and allow pain and suffering in the world at the same time. I have suffered many trials in my life that cause me again and again to turn to the Bible—my source for life. However, it hasn’t always been this way. I tried to live my life my way and do the things I wanted to do. But thankfully the Lord brought me to my knees before Him showing me my need for Him in my life. I pray that you, too, will see your need for Him in and through your pain, and the sooner the better! In my book, Don't Waste Your Pain I deal with these questions and how to see beyond your pain. This blog is dedicated to those struggling in pain! I am here. I understand.


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